Ownership Opportunities

Brunton Racing is excited to offer both our valued existing and prospective clients the opportunity to come racing with us into the future.

We have a proven track record in purchasing affordable yearlings which have gone on to not only race at the top level in Tasmania but also measure up on the mainland as well.

Yearlings purchased by the stable in recent years include Life on the Wire, Mandela Effect and the promising Lady Pluck. 

We also boast great success in purchasing low budget tried horses from the mainland and turning them into viable racing propositions on the apple isle utilising our unique training approach combined with a lower quality of opposition faced locally.

With weekly online bloodstock auctions and increased prizemoney in Tasmania we believe this model of racehorse ownership has never been more viable and encourage anyone interested in taking a share big or small in a tried horse to contact us - you may well be surprised at how little cost and time it takes to get into the winners circle!

As for existing owners we are always happy to welcome new horses into the stable who may be looking for a sea change!

Please take the time to browse through the information provided and don’t hesitate to contact us should you wish to get involved either now or in the future.

For more details please call 0438 726 889 OR Contact Us.